Who are the real terrorists?

…and why doesn’t anybody give a fuck about the Palestinians???? Man… there is so much terrible shit going on in the world. Only a few days ago a young Palestinian family burned to death because of Israeli settlers throwing molotov cocktails into their home. I’m not going to even tell you to imagine that because if that shit don’t make you feel something angry, then you AREN’T IN TOUCH WITH YO HUMANITY NIGGA–

People keep “oohing” and “aahing” whenever I tell them I spent some time in Palestine this year, asking me: “Yeah, but isn’t it … dangerous there?” with the anticipation of those inching closer to the scene of a car accident while waiting in traffic – Yes it’s fucking dangerous there but what the fuck are people thinking when they ask me this? That those a-rabs are running around chanting Death to America (which I happily did a few times during my stay; I even learned how to say it correctly in a-rabic, y’all); that there are constantly buildings burning at every turn? The shit we see on television doesn’t nearly convey the most powerful weapon of war, which is that of fear, and helplessness. It may be dramatic to hear the stories of starving Palestinian children left in some building next to the corpses of their murdered mothers, of missiles from Gaza going into Tel Aviv (of which the senders are still being characterized as “terrorists.”) All of that sounds great on camera but the real danger here, the part that really should have us all pulling our loved ones a little bit closer, is that Palestinians continue to live in a culture of terror, perpetuated by the real terrorists in this whole situation, which are Israel and its wonderful bank account called the United States of America – and the fact that: nobody seems to give a shit.

What really makes any of us think that we are special enough for this shit to never happen to us? We are only one economic or political incentive away from being the targets of mass war and genocide, and if the ethnic cleansing of black folk or the capitalist slavery of debt aren’t enough to convince you, well then you can just go fuck yourself. And actually, I really don’t even feel that strongly about that (that you should go fuck yourself) but really like… what are you doing with your life? We are just as strongly oppressed losing hair over our bank accounts or having our heartbeats quicken at the sound of the police as Palestinians are simply living, being, existing.

I am not trying to make a false comparison here by saying that our struggles as first world citizens (from which vantage point I speak from) are equal to those of the Palestinians who face real, physical violence on a daily basis (although that is the culture of terror that many of our trans folk, women, queer folk of color, and others living in the first world experience everyday) – but rather to say that all struggles are important, and all struggles are rooted in, well, struggle, and for that reason our scope of awareness and rage should be far-reaching and encompass any and all efforts that human beings make in the struggle for their humanity… I mean we are still sitting here debating about who should be the next bank-account-in-chief in 2016 while Palestine burns, and burns, and burns. All struggle for humanity is connected, and the Palestinians continue to suffer enormous and humbling human costs while the rest of us turn the other cheek, acting as if our consumer-goods-padded middle-class lifestyles make us any different, any more safe, or any more free. WAKE UP PEOPLE.



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